Education Tools

Here we share some of the tools developed and/or supported by Next Generation Experiences team.



PyBryt is an auto-assessment Python library for teaching and learning.

  • The PyBryt Library is a FREE Open Source Python Library that provides auto assessment of grading submissions. Our goal is to empower students and educators to learn about technology through fun, guided, hands-on content aimed at specific learning goals.
  • The PyBryt Library is a Open Source Python Library - focused on the auto assessment and validation of Python coding.
  • The PyBryt library has been developed under open source to support learning and training institutions to auto assess the work completed by learners.
  • The PyBryt Library will work existing auto grading solution such as Otter Grader, OkPy or Autolab.


Azure Automatic Grading Engine

For any course testing Microsoft Azure, it is hard to assess or grade Azure projects manually. This project makes use of the technique of unit tests to grade students’ Azure project settings automatically.

This project has been developed by Cyrus Wong Microsoft Learn Educator Ambassador in Association with the Microsoft Next Generation Developer Relations Team. Project collaborators include Chan Yiu Leung, So Ka Chun, Lo Chun Hei, Ling Po Chu, Cheung Ho Shing and Pearly Law from the IT114115 Higher Diploma in Cloud and Data Centre Administration.

The project is being validated through usage on the course Higher Diploma in Cloud and Data Centre Administration