Azure Curricula

Currently, we have four introductory courses available for you:

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure
This course explains the basics of Microsoft Azure, and walks you through creating an account, managing resources and preparing for the next two courses.
Introduction to Machine Learning on Azure
This course introduces you to the area of Machine Learning, and shows how you can use different Azure Machine Learning services to train and deploy ML models even without coding.
Data on Azure
One of the things cloud can help you with is storing and managing your data. In this course we will explore different data storage options available on the Azure cloud.
**Azure Machine Learning: Advanced Topics
In this course, we will learn different ways you can use Azure Machine Learning to perform your ML tasks in the cloud. We will see how Azure ML differs from using Data Science Virtual Machine, and how you can benefit from it, and how to effectively use Azure ML compute to perform more complex tasks, such as hyperparameter optimization. Finally, we will show to specific examples of using Azure ML: to train GAN model to generate pictures of art, and to train open domain questions answering model.