Azure Quickstart

Instructor: Dmitry Soshnikov, Ph.D.

This series of videos is designed to give you a quick overall introduction to Microsoft Azure and Azure Machine Learning. Those videos are around 30 mins each, and provide you with an overview of many services that you can then further study using Microsoft Learn.

Quickstart Videos

Quick Introduction to Microsoft Azure
This video introduces the concept of a cloud, and explains how Microsoft Azure can be used to abstract the way we run our code: from Virtual Machines and IaaS to Platform Services. It shows how you can quickly benefit from using Azure, and gives overview of most important services.
Introduction to Azure Machine Learning
Azure includes a complete solution for all your Machine Learning needs, called Azure Machine Learning. It can be used both by beginners (in low-code/no-code scenarios) and by experienced Data Scientists to perform tasks such as hyperparameter optimization. This video introduces different ways to use Azure ML in your projects.
Azure ML Use Cases
This video considers two use cases of using Azure ML: to generate pictures using Generative Adversarial Networks, and to train Open Domain Question Answering model on the dataset of COVID-19 scientific papers.