Getting Started with Azure

Course Overview

Course Date: October 2020

Course Instructor: Alex Vazquez

The first of a 3-part series, the objective of this course is to help prepare you with the foundational concepts needed to help you start working with Microsoft Azure quickly. We will cover key basic concepts, walk you through creating an Azure subscription, and lay down the foundation for the Machine Learning and Data sessions.

In this course, we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Azure cloud computing.
  • Basic functions: Azure Directories, Subscriptions, Resource Groups, Regions, Compute, Tour of Azure Services.
  • Azure walkthrough.

And you will complete the following hands-on exercises:

  • Exercise: Setting up your first Azure subscription
  • Preparing for Machine Learning in Azure
  • Preparing for Working with Data in Azure.

Course Materials

To fulfil the course, you would need to get your Azure subscription

Course Videos

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Video NameVideo TitleVideo DescriptionVideo Time
Video 1AGetting Started with Azure – Part 1Introduction to Azure cloud computing. What is cloud computing. Azure key concepts: Directories, Subscriptions, Resource Groups, and Regions12:39
Video 1BGetting Started with Azure – Part 2What is Azure. How does Azure work. Azure compute overview. Tour of Azure services.12:07
Video 1CGetting Started with Azure – Part 3Part 3 covers an Azure walkthrough part 19:53
Video 1DGetting Started with Azure – Part 4Part 4 covers an Azure walkthrough Part 213:28
Video 1EGetting Started with Azure – Part 5Part 5 covers an overview of additional learning resources1:30
Video 1FExercise - Setting up first Azure for Students SubscriptionExercise: Setting up your first Azure for Students subscription.7:04
Video 1GExercise - Preparing for Machine LearningExercise: Preparing for Machine Learning in Azure.5:40
Video 1HExercise - Preparing for Working with DataExercise: Preparing for working with data in Azure. Update: Please follow the instructions at Set up MySQL database in the Cloud Shell in order to set up the MySQL Database in the Cloud Shell. You must now include the certificate steps listed.16:03

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